February 14, 2010

Front and back of a business card I made for myself. Didn't really care what was on it, just a way to spread the contact info, but I colored in a little doodle and used the little viking logo I made earlier. I already used it on an invoice design, so I thought I'd use it again. Should make more of those.


February 10, 2010


February 4, 2010


February 3, 2010


February 2, 2010

These were also illustrations for the same book. These had to be more realistic and clear because they're supposed to clarify the instructions from the book. I did these in Illustrator.


February 1, 2010

Well, this should have been number 32 anyway. But I had so much going on lately. Graduating and getting a job for example. And a very interesting offer to illustrate a book on EFT. I had to make 65 of these little illustrations in one day, scan them and get them vectorized. Hell of a job, but fun.